1. How many prints do you make per session?

Everyone in the booth will receive a copy.  Guests will also be able to download the photos for free from our website the next day if they wish to have more copies.

2. How long does it take to setup?

We like to setup 90 minutes before an event.  This time is flexible if other activities are scheduled in the room where we will be located.

3. Does the setup and takedown times count against the 3 hours?

No.  You have a full 3 hours of unlimited photo sessions.

4. Do you charge for idle time?

Normally if you choose to shut the photo booth down during dinner ( so as not to waste an hour of your rental) most companies will charge for this idle time.  We have a policy that if the attendant is included in vendor meals we will waive any such fee.  At most events it is impractical for the attendant to leave, find someplace to eat, and then return to the venue in an hour’s time.  Between our setup time and tear down time the dinner hour is normally missed.

7. Do you have to choose color or black & white for all of the photographs?

No.  Each guest has the option of choosing color or black & white prints.

8. Do you charge for downloading prints from your website?

No.  You and your guests may download as many photos as you wish without charge.

9. Can you go up stairs to set up the booth?

Yes but only with the traditional and modern booths.  The magic mirror is too large and heavy for stairs.

10. How big is your booth?

Our booth is versatile and can be set up from approximately 4′ by 6 1/2′  up to 6′ by 10′.

11. Is there a host present during the rental period.?

Always.  We do not leave our booths unattended.

12. How much space do you need?

At a minimum we like to have at least 10’x10′ for the booth and then enough room for a 6 ft table.  We also have 2 stands for props.  The more space the better to accommodate the people who will crowd around the booth.

13. What are your payment requirements?

A $200 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold the date with the balance due 30 days prior to the event.  We accept checks or credit cards through PayPal.  A date is not reserved until a deposit is received.

14. Are there special handling restrictions on the Magic Mirror booth?

The Magic Mirror Booth cannot be transported across unpaved surfaces such as a gravel parking lot.  It also cannot be moved up or down stairs.