Magic Mirror

We have added an exciting new option to our photo booths and we call it the magic mirror.  The mirror is free-standing photo booth with or without a backdrop.  Your guests interact with the mirror as it proceeds through several animations.  They even get to sign the mirror with the signatures showing on the printout.   We have many different animations from which to choose in order to customize the program for each customer.

The mirror can adapt to a diverse group of people as it can be programmed to run sessions in different languages including Spanish and Hebrew along with English and several other choices.    The English animations have accompanying audio.   For example a start screen could allow the guest to choose to run their session in Spanish or English.  We also can program photographs, company logos, or personal messages into the mirror to personalize it.    The start screen especially can be customized to your event for a really unique presentation.  (click here for example)

This is a new product and we are the first company in Colorado to offer it.  If you want something truly unique for your event the Magic Mirror is it!   Click here to watch a  video to see it in action.  We also now have children’s animations and special holiday animations for the mirror booth.

(Please see the FAQs page for venue access requirements for the mirror booth)