Our Photo Booths


We offer two different photo booths one of which is perfect for your event.

Our first choice is what we call our modern booth.  It is a very stylish white pedestal booth and the head unit containing the monitor and camera is equipped with programmable led lights.  It is a stand up, open booth with several choices of backdrops.  It has a superior lighting (strobe) system for outstanding photos.

The second choice is our magic mirror.  It is a brand new technology that actually plays animations on a large 65 inch tall mirror.  The animations come in several different languages and the English version also has audio.  It never fails to wow guests and we are the first company in Colorado to offer it.  It is truly unique!  The mirror can be customized to display company logos, engagement photos, etc. to make your event truly one of a kind.

Silly and fun props are furnished at no extra charge to add to the fun.

Your guests enter the booth and can immediately see themselves on the monitor.  They have a choice of color or black and white photos.   Photos are taken 5 seconds apart and then printed on 2×6 inch strips or in a 4×6 inch format.  Our Canon cameras and professional dye sublimation printers allow us to produce high quality, laminated photographs like you would find at a retail processor.

Photos are saved both as a template print and also as individual photos. Examples of some of our layouts can be seen under Optional Formats.  You and your guests have unlimited access to the photos from our website the day after your event at no additional charge.   These galleries can be password protected if desired.  We have a large selection of templates and footers under “Standard templates, modern templates, and mirror templates” on our home page or we can custom make one for you at no additional charge.